Antarctic wildlife with biologist Lizzie Daly

From penguins to whales – what I learned from my close encounters with the wildlife in Antarctica

Shackleton is joined by biologist, wildlife presenter and conservation filmmaker Lizzie Daly, who first appeared in front of the camera some three years ago, and now works with the likes of National Geographic and the BBC. She’s worked far and wide – in Alaska, Finland, Romania, Scotland, Kenya, Iceland and Norway – documenting birds, mammals and fish of all shapes, sizes and rarity.

She’s captured a large and loyal following along the way, envying, admiring and learning as she shares her intimate encounters with wildlife species. In 2019, her work led her to the frozen continent of Antarctica. Here she shares her experiences of her time there, the excitement of being in such close proximity with whales, penguins, albatross and leopard seals, as well as looking at some of the issues facing these species as climate change has more and more bearing on their ecosystem.