Shackleton is thrilled to confirm the longlist of nominees for the second Shackleton Medal for the Protection of the Polar Regions. There can only be one winner, but every one of our fifty-one entrants has displayed passion, determination and ingenuity in their dedication to the Arctic and Antarctic. The range is as dazzling as ever – from the developer of the pioneering Icefin Robot to the man who has dedicated his life to counting penguins in the Antarctic, from a brilliant investigative journalist to a respected female climate scientist who’s also a boxer. Some are at the early stages of their careers and others are household names. We want to celebrate each and every one of them; the future of the world is in their hands.

Earlier this month our Board of Judges, chaired by Sunday Times bestselling author, Professor Lewis Dartnell, decided on a shortlist of five in a meeting at the Royal Geographical Society. The shortlist – to be announced tomorrow - will celebrate those who, like the Boss, put the greater good before themselves, who persist in adversity and who inspire others to do likewise. The winner will be announced on April 5. As well as receiving our specially commissioned medal, they will be given prize money of £10,000 to contribute to their ongoing work at the Poles.

Since launching this year’s medal on January 5th:

  • We've had 55 nominations, resulting in 51 nominees.
  • They come from 12 countries including South Africa and Finland.
  • Half of them are women.
  • Six of them are pioneers in using new technologies to advance study of conditions in the Arctic and Antarctic




Kimberly Aiken

Campaigner for the integration of Arctic Indigenous traditional and local knowledge into science and policy

Zanagee Artis

Co-founder of Zero Hour

Peter Barrett

Founding director of the Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University in New Zealand

Anu Boucher

Climate advocate

Mensun Bound

Pioneering Maritime archaeologist

Edward Brook

Distinguished Professor of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University and Director of Coldex, a Centre set up in 2021 to find the oldest ice in Antarctica

Dr Danita Catherine Burke

Founder of the Women In The Arctic and Antarctic initiative

Angie Butler

Director at Ice Tracks Expeditions

Dani Connor

Zoologist, photographer, Ambassador for the Red Squirrel Survival Trust

Jenny and Olive Cooke

Mother and daughter team providing primary school resources to learn about Antarctica

Nick Cox

Founder of the UK Arctic Research Station 

Mya-Rose Craig

Climate activist and ornithologist

Alison Criscitiello

Adventurer, glaciologist and equality campaigner

Allison Cusick

Expert in phytoplankton

Thierry Dewambrechies


Laurenz Edelman

Developed solar-powered rover: Manager of Team Polar at the Eindhoven University of Technology

Dr Steven Emslie

Marine ornithologist

Omar di Felice

Ultra-Cyclist and campaigner for the environment

Pauliina Feodoroff

Climate activist and film director

Leslie Field 

Geoengineer – founder of the Arctic Ice Project

Dr Maxime Geoffroy

Marine biologist, bioacoustician and dynamic speaker

Dr Ella Gilbert

Climate scientist, presenter and boxer

Prem Gill

Founder of Polar Impact

Rune Gjeldnes


Pen Hadow

Founder of the 90North Foundation in 2017

Dr Barbara Haloskova


Kristin Harila

Mountain climber

Martin Hartley

Pioneering polar photographer

Dr Kate Hendry

Marine biochemist

Leigh Hickmott

Killer whale expert

Dr Kevin Hughes

Environmental Research and Monitoring Manager at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS)

Eugenie Jacobsen

Marine biologist

Kirstie Jones Williams

Marine scientist

Anne Kershaw OBE

Pioneering Antarctic expedition organiser and environmental campaigner

Jack Landy

Sea Ice Expert and Artificial Intelligence Pioneer

Dr James McClintock

Leading polar marine biologist

Alexandra Middleton

Researcher who focuses on sustainable business, economic development and human rights in the Arctic

Tero Mustonen

Climate Scientist, Fisherman and Pioneering Conservationist

Ron Naveen

Penguin expert

Dr Megan Owen 

Polar Bear ecologist

Justin Packshaw

Entrepreneur, philanthropist and explorer

Dr Jean de Pomereu and Dr Daniella McCahey

Joint authors of ‘Antarctica: A History in 100 Objects’

Lewis Pugh

Endurance swimmer and international campaigner

Ben Rawlence 

Writer and founder of institution to tackle climate change

Jane Rumble OBE

Geographer and diplomat

Dr Britney Schmidt

Designer of the pioneering Icefin Robot

Camilla Seaman

Pioneering Polar Photographer

Sarah Shackleton


John Shears

BAS Environmental Officer and leader of Endurance22 expedition

Robert Swann

Founder of 2041 Foundation

Regin Winther Poulsen

Investigative journalist


Header image credit: © Daniella Zalcman / Greenpeace.