Montana, 4th August 2023 – Jacob Myers, an intrepid adventurer and polar enthusiast, is set to take on a remarkable challenge as he attempts to become the youngest person in history to complete a solo, unsupported ski expedition to the South Pole. Aptly named "Youngest to the Pole," this ambitious expedition will see Jacob undertake a gruelling 700+ mile ski journey in isolation, braving the extreme conditions of Antarctica to reach the Geographic South Pole.

Jacob Myers in Finse Credit: Jack Anstey

Having passed rigorous evaluation by the Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE) in May, Jacob Myers has dedicated the past two years to comprehensive training, honing his skills and preparing himself mentally and physically for the demanding expedition. The daring adventure is scheduled to begin in November, where Jacob will venture from the edge of the Antarctic Continent towards the iconic South Pole.

Antarctica's harsh environment poses numerous challenges, with blinding snowstorms, powerful winds, and temperatures plummeting well below -40°F/C. Jacob will face the daunting task of enduring extended periods in a caloric deficit, hauling a heavy pulk daily, and confronting the mental toll of solitude.

In addition to his remarkable feat on the ice, Jacob has joined forces with Climate Force, an esteemed eco-partner. Additionally, he will be visiting schools throughout his home region of Appalachia, sharing his expedition and experiences with the youth, aiming to inspire and reconnect them with the great outdoors. Furthermore, Jacob seeks to combat the ongoing opioid crisis that has affected the Appalachian region.

Jacob Myers has an impressive background as a naturalist and park attendant in a forest in Western North Carolina. His love for outdoor exploration led him to complete the entire 800-mile desert stretch of the Arizona Trail as a thru-hiker. In 2020, he emerged as an ultrarunner, pushing his limits even further on the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra earlier this year, most recently completing the Crazy Mountain 100. Since 2021, Jacob has fully embraced the role of a polar adventurer, setting his sights on conquering Antarctica's frozen expanse.

Jacob Myers in Finse Credit: Jack Anstey

"My motivations are primarily driven by an ongoing effort to test my endurance and character in outdoor spaces, and secondarily, to be a living example of how resilient Appalachians, as a people, truly are," said Jacob, speaking passionately about his mission.

Having trained under record-breaking Polar explorer and Shackleton Director of the Expeditions, Louis Rudd MBE, he has learnt quite how inhospitable Antarctica is.  “This expedition is going to be gruelling, Antarctica takes no prisoners. I’ve spent the past two years getting to know Jacob, preparing him as much as possible for his ambitious record attempt this Antarctica season. His passion and energy will be a driving force to the success of his expedition, fortunately he has those in spades.”

The Youngest To The Pole expedition will not only mark a significant milestone in the world of polar exploration but also serve as an inspiration to countless individuals around the globe. Jacob's tenacity and dedication will undoubtedly capture the imagination of adventurers and aspiring explorers alike.

As Jacob prepares to set foot on the icy continent, he invites the world to follow his journey and share in the triumphs and challenges he will undoubtedly encounter along the way. Updates and insights from the expedition will be available on his expedition page, as well as on social media platforms @youngesttothepoleproject.

Fundraising for Jacob's expedition is ongoing, if you or your business would like to support Youngest to Pole, visit the