Tale of Two Halves (Log #14)

L O U ' S   D I A R Y  

Day 14 in Antarctica. It's a hard morning as Lou feels the weight of the last two weeks without rest. After lunch his mood upturns and Lou strides out hard for the rest of the day. In total he travels for 10 hours and achieves 12.3 nautical miles.


Nov 16 2018 - 

Good evening everyone… 

Reporting in now from day 14 of the expedition. A real tale of two halves today. A really difficult morning – it felt particularly heavy and difficult going. I guess really I have been going for 14 days straight, two weeks now, which is a long old stint. I’ve been reflecting back on other expeditions that I’ve done – Spear, crossing Greenland, other trips, and I’ve never gone that far without taking a rest day. In Greenland we had storms five days in, so we had a rest during those. So I guess it’s only natural that it’s going to catch up on me a bit. I stopped around lunchtime and I hadn’t made that much progress. 

Once I’d sorted myself out and started to feel really good and I strode out hard for the remainder of the day. I completed my 10 hours and achieved 12.3 nautical miles, which I was really pleased with. I feel like I’ve turned a corner now with the journey, I’ve become more immersed in it and just completely focused on the journey and Antarctica and the more I can immerse myself in it the better, and get on with it. 

To finish off, I’d like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Joanna Worsley, Henry’s wife, I know she finds it at times very difficult to hear about a polar journey, but she’s been a huge supporter and backing this. She very kindly loaned me Henry’s family crest flag which I’m carrying with me throughout the journey. I’ve been flying it at my camp site when the wind isn’t too strong (I’m terrified I’m going to lose it). It’s amazing to have that with me, and to carry it on this journey. It’s a huge inspiration.