Ultra-travel: Into the unknown

Escape the hustle and bustle with ultra-travel specialists Cookson Adventures and experience places that few people (if any) have ever been before.

As we learn more about the world, its various environments, cultures and wildlife, we are able to appreciate how much is yet to be explored. It’s why ultra-travel companies like Cookson Adventures exist, making it possible to visit faraway places that are often inaccessible by vehicle or on foot. Here are three of the most exciting destinations for 2020:

GREENLAND // 71.7069° N, 42.6043° W

Greenland is a land of extremes, and one where land transportation is extremely limited, hard going, or simply non-existent. In this true Arctic wilderness, you can go in search of polar bears, narwhal and belugas, and find isolated Inuit fishing villages on its fringes. Cruise through iceberg-filled waters on-board a superyacht and spend time with one of the region’s best wildlife experts to maximise intimate encounters. On land you can summit your own unconquered peak while being accompanied by a prolific Norwegian explorer, as well as experience cross-country skiing, classic mountaineering, polar bear tracking and ice-climbing.SOUTH GEORGIA ISLAND // 54.4296° S, 36.5879° W

Show-stopping scenery and vast penguin colonies create an otherworldly adventure on the outer reaches of the planet's southernmost continent. Backed by snow-capped mountains, huge glaciers and craggy offshore islets, half a million penguins waddle shoulder-to-shoulder on seldom-visited shores. Witness this untamed wilderness under the guidance of a polar guide, who will take you ski-touring down untouched slopes, ice climbing out of huge crevasses on deep blue glaciers or kayaking in crystal-clear waters. Based on a superyacht, the opportunity for wildlife spotting is unprecedented as you descend into the depths in a submersible. Whales, diving penguins, shipwrecks, and vertical walls teeming with marine life are among the wonders that can be discovered here.BAFFIN ISLAND // 65.4215° N, 70.9654° W

Experience the northernmost ski-fields in the Arctic tundra of the Cordillera Mountain Range, where none have skied before. Guests stay in a private collection of Pacific dome tents, including dining, bathroom and club-house tents, offering exploration of the uncharted slopes of this dramatic landscape via snow-cat and helicopter. As well as challenging themselves with some of the world’s longest couloirs and highest vertical cliff faces, clients will be able to experience the rich culture of the native Inuit people in their downtime.This list was compiled by Cookson Adventures. For more information on their ultra-travel itineraries, visit cooksonadventures.com