Ian Holdcroft: Finding my quit point

What drives people to push their minds and bodies to breaking point? Why choose to be alone, cut off, out of touch for months, potentially years? Why risk everything in the pursuit of challenge? Life On The Edge is the interview series from Shackleton that tackles these questions, featuring today’s most inspiring adventurers, explorers and pioneers. In this episode, endurance athlete and Shackleton co-founder Ian Holdcroft goes under the spotlight with award-winning travel journalist Sophy Roberts.

Endurance athlete, husband, dad of three, Shackleton co-founder. From a 260-mile ultra-marathon in 40-degree desert heat to rowing 2800 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, Ian's desire for challenge comes from a need to push his mind and body to breaking point, to experience the euphoria of being as close to the edge as is possible. That line is where life is its most meaningful and exciting. Here, he shares the moments that have made him.