Lou Rudd Gatwick Airport

Lou Rudd Returns To The UK

The Spirit of Endurance expedition has ended and Captain Lou Rudd is now back home in Blighty. At 10am on Wednesday morning, Lou emerged through th...

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Lou Rudd Frostnip

Dreaming Of Food (Log #49)

Day 50 in Antarctica. Rough going today, Lou struggles on through bad visibility, strong winds and low temperatures with around -30 wind chill. Lou...

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Lou Covered Face Antarctica

The Descent (Log #48)

Day 49 in Antarctica. Seven weeks without rest, skiing between 11-12 hours a day. Lou has another good day and makes 22.2 nautical miles. Strong wi...

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Frozen Tent Antarctica Lou Rudd

Into The Whiteout (Log #46)

Day 47 in Antarctica. A hard day for Lou (conditions wise), after hearing the wind building outside the tent all night, he thinks twice about pushi...

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