Shackleton Centenary // Expeditions

In celebration of 100 years since Shackleton's death, and in the name of camaraderie, we have put together a curated list of other individuals and institutions that are making sure the Shackleton name is not forgotten. For everything from film seasons to new science research projects, from photography to expeditions, see how you can help mark his achievements. 


Adaptive Antarctica is an ambitious two-part expedition taking place in November and December 2021, supported, guided and equipped by Shackleton.

Part 1 is to trek to the geographic South Pole, unsupported and unassisted, and the team are due to arrive on Shackleton's Centenary on 5th January 2022. Part 2 is to climb Mount Vinson, Antarctica’s highest mountain, in an attempt to be the world's first disabled person to complete both challenges.

Both expeditions form part of Martin Hewitt's challenge to become the first ever disabled person to complete the Explorer's Grand Slam - an accolade given to those who have summited the world’s highest seven peaks on seven continents, as well as journeys to the North and South Pole. Adaptive Antarctica will bring Martin within one summit of achieving this world first. Follow the challenge and find out more here.


On 17 September of this year, a team of Scouts and leaders recreated Shackleton's final departure from London by sailing a flotilla of half a dozen vessels led by the Lady Daphne barge exactly one hundred years after the Boss did. Two scouts were in the original Shackleton-Rowett expedition, James Marr and Norman Mooney. On December 31, 2021, the team that sailed down the Thames will depart from South America for Antarctica on a 23-day voyage to conduct a series of research projects connected to climate change. 


Quest 21 will travel into the untrodden regions of the Antarctic Peninsula to undertake essential science and exploration. The team of serving and ex-military men and women will manually haul all their supplies and scientific equipment. They will hold a commemoration service in his honour on the ice on 5th January 2022. This will take place on the East Coast of the Peninsula, overlooking the Wendell Sea, and the site of Shackleton’s legendary Endurance Expedition. The research will specialise in looking at the micro-plastic, metal and nutrient content of snow. They will use the experience as a basis for raising environmental awareness in workshops in schools. Full details here.


Quark Expeditions is offering a completely new 20-day itinerary to celebrate Shackleton’s life. Guests will travel on the Ultramarine, a technologically advanced ship that comes with two twin-engine helicopters and 20 Zodiacs. Polar experts Tim Jarvis (author of Chasing Shackleton) and Dr Ross MacPhee (curator of The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition) will give special presentations on the trip. The ship will cross Drake Passage, visit the Weddell Sea, go to Elephant Island and eventually – if conditions allow - let guests pay tribute to Shackleton at his grave in Grytviken, South Georgia. Full details here.