Seb Coulthard

An award winning sailor, engineer and adventurer, Seb Coulthard has pursued a passionate interest for adventure in remote wildernesses: the Amazonian Rainforest, Antarctica, the Atacama Desert, the mountains of Norway.


Seb is a retired Royal Navy helicopter engineer, an extreme cold-weather survival specialist and an IAATO certified Antarctic field guide. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, former GB Chapter Chair for The Explorers Club, Member of the James Caird Society, joint recipient of the Royal Institute of Navigation Certificate of Achievement, and a joint Royal Yachting Association and Union Internationale Motonautique powerboat world record holder.

"It has been an incredibly busy year for me, travelling from Antarctica to the Arctic and a few places in between. The Shackleton Endurance Jacket has accompanied me on most trips, its greatest advantage is that it compacts down to nothing..."

In 2013, Seb took part in the Shackleton Epic – a faithful recreation of Shackleton’s escape from Antarctica in 1916 in which Seb and crew sailed from Elephant Island to South Georgia using only the equipment, clothing and techniques available to Shackleton, Crean, Worsley, McNish, McCarthy & Vincent a century before. Three members of the expedition then ventured 25 miles overland to recreate Shackleton’s pioneering mountain crossing from King Haakon Bay to Stromness Whaling Station.

Seb is photographed here testing the Shackleton Endurance Jacket in Antarctica.

Find out more about the testing here.


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