In an exciting new endeavour to commemorate the indomitable spirit of Sir Ernest Shackleton for generations to come, a collaborative initiative is set to establish a lasting tribute in one of the United Kingdom's most hallowed buildings. Shackleton is delighted to partner with the James Caird Society and Dulwich College to support the installation of a permanent memorial to Sir Ernest Shackleton within the historic confines of Westminster Abbey in London.
Sir Ernest Shackleton
The illustrious Westminster Abbey,  Britain’s ‘national church’ was founded in 970 AD and has been the site of 40 coronations of British Monarch since 1066. It contains tombs and memorials to Elizabeth I, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton and many hundreds of icons from a thousand years of British history.
Just over one hundred years after the death of the Boss on board ‘Quest’ in South Georgia, a memorial is planned for the Abbey's South Cloister so that generations to come may be reminded of, and inspired by, the character and achievements of this titan of exploration, leadership and courage. 
Initial Sketch of the Shackleton Memorial at Westminster Abbey
An initial sketch of the memorial.

The artist, Will Davies, has chosen to use Carrara marble for the cartouche and Kilkenny marble for the globe, with the landmasses being of Connemara marble (to reflect Shackleton’s Irish roots), except the Antarctic continent being in white Carrara. The memorial will be approximately one metre tall and about fifty centimetres across and the Abbey has conferred the extraordinary honour of a position on the wall of the South Cloister, next to the memorial to the circumnavigators Sir Francis Drake, Captain James Cook and Sir Francis Chichester.

The ambitious project, budgeted at £16,000, is expected to commence imminently, with installation planned for late November through to December of this year. Embracing the tradition of community engagement, the initiative's funding will be sourced from public contributions. Individual donors are invited to participate, with a minimum suggested donation of £50.

Acknowledging the significance of these contributions, the project organisers will extend appreciation through personalised letters bearing the signature of our friend, the Hon. Alexandra Shackleton, Sir Ernest's granddaughter. Furthermore, contributors will find their names on a dedicated page on our website.

To be part of this historic endeavour, prospective donors are encouraged to express their commitment by emailing, indicating their pledged amount. Each contribution, 100% of which will be channelled into the project, will receive an automated acknowledgment in response.

Donations close at the end of August and we will be in contact with donors early in September to confirm success and to advise bank details for payment. For ongoing updates about this momentous memorial, follow