Show us your passion for Antarctica

Share how you fuel your Antarctic curiosity through books, pictures and expeditions of old. One of the submissions will be picked at random to receive a Hero Sweater in your colour of choice.

Antarctica is a hard continent to visit; harder still to truly explore. (It's certainly not for the faint-heated – just ask record-breaking polar explorer Louis Rudd MBE.) Nevertheless, as it has for centuries, the seventh continent continues to captivate our imaginations and curiosity. Whether you’ve stepped onto the ice in Antarctica in person or just long to do so – sating your thirst through books, films and stories of early exploration – we want to hear how you fuel your love affair with Antarctica.

We have collated all of your answers and the best out there are:

The book you must read

The Worst Journey In The Whole World, by Apsley Cherry-Garrard

The picture you should know about

It's one of the many incredible images captured by photographer Frank Hurley of the Endurance trapped in the Weddell Sea.

Greatest polar expedition

It's a tie between Scott's Terra Nova Expedition and Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition