Martin Hewitt, leader of the Adaptive Grandslam

Martin Hewitt

The founder and leader of a group of adventurers on the road to becoming the first disabled team to complete the Grand Slam challenge.

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Aldo Kane Volcano

Aldo Kane

Joining the Royal Marines at 16, Aldo developed the true Commando spirit of courage, determination and cheerfulness in adversity.

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Scott Sears In London

Scott Sears MBE

Youngest person in history to complete the 702 mile trek from the frozen southern ocean to the south pole alone, unassisted and unsupported.

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Seb Coulthard Antarctica

Seb Coulthard

An award winning sailor, engineer and adventurer, Seb Coulthard has pursued a passionate interest for adventure in remote wildernesses.

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Lou Rudd Portrait By Rene Koster

Louis Rudd MBE

During his career in the British Army, Captain Louis Rudd has completed many tours in extreme cold weather environments.

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