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The Spirit of Endurance is a British Army backed expedition facilitated through the Adventure Training Scheme (an initiative available for military personnel to provide challenging outdoor training in specified activities). 


Lou gained great resources and help from the Army as he prepared to leave for Antarctica. He also enlisted the support of several commercial partners, including ourselves - the official clothing partner of Lou's expedition.

On his website Lou describes the final stages of preparation as he approaches his departure date:

“Pulling together major expeditions such as these can be an emotional rollercoaster,” Lou says, “The early phases are always particularly difficult as you are trying to get it off the ground, spread the word and build support. But eventually, after a lot of hard work (and soul-searching!) it begins to grow, support begins to trickle in and the momentum builds. And then it gets to a point where it really takes off and you become truly humbled by people’s generosity and good will. It might be a solo expedition but it would not be possible without the support of so many – friends, family, colleagues and sponsors.”


Click the links above to donate and provide support to Lou’s chosen charities.


Click HERE to donate to ABF The Soldiers' Charity for the Spirit of Endurance 


Click HERE to donate to the Royal Foundation Heads Together campaign


Lou is also supported by: 
The Infantry Battle School, Brecon
My little brother Nick Rudd 
Pete Masters at Skinzophrenic
Gus & Steve…
Rhodri at Nordic Life