We are delighted that modern-day gentleman explorer Levison Wood, has joined Shackleton as an investor and advisor.

A former Major in the Parachute regiment, Lev has built a fascinating career since active service in the British Army. He is well known for his expeditions, including walking the length of the Nile River, walking the length of the Himalayas, and crossing the Darien Gap, the dense jungle that separates Panama and Colombia. He is also a best-selling author and television presenter with a passion for sharing his experiences and inspiring others to explore the world. His highly watchable TV productions for various broadcasters have explored a variety of environmental themes including animal diversity and the impacts of climate change. 

Levison Wood in Afghanistan

Levison Wood in Afghanistan

As an investor and advisor, Lev will work closely with us to help grow the brand and expand its reach. He will also help to develop new products and experiences that meet the needs of today's modern explorers using all his experience gleaned in the extremes. As we grow the range into other environments beyond polar, Lev will lend his expertise in hot-weather expeditions to product development focused on jungles, tropics and deserts.

Levison Wood Walking The Nile Photo Credit: Simon Buxton

Lev in Walking The Nile Photo Credit: Simon Buxton

Lev is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Society of Arts and will use his wide network to help the Shackleton team expand our roster of adventurers, explorers, film-makers and photographers around the world - spotting new talents and the most interesting expeditions to equip and support.

Levison Wood in Georgia Photo Credit: Simon Buxton

Levison Wood in Georgia Photo Credit: Simon Buxton

A highly accomplished photographer, Levison Wood is an ambassador for Leica and is advising on the next phase of Shackleton’s partnership with the world-leading photography brand (watch this space).

"I was raised on the stories of the great explorers. I think the guys have done a really great job of building a modern brand that’s built on Ernest Shackleton’s values and mindset. I’ve worn their polar gear in Greenland and the products’ performance is outstanding. Their Shackleton Challenges division is unique - there is no other brand on the planet that can deliver the quality of expedition experiences they do. It’s quite a proposition - they can offer you everything from a cashmere beanie to a 50-day expedition to the South Pole.”

Levison Wood wearing the Shackleton Haakon Tactical Parka in Greenland

Lev testing the Haakon Tactical Parka and Rothera Down Jacket in Greenland

It’s great to have Lev on the Shackleton team. He has a wide array of talents and a keen eye for opportunity. Most importantly Lev has a truly infectious wanderlust for exploration and the natural world in all its splendours. Readers of our Journal will be hearing more from him soon.

Martin & Ian, Co-Founders.