Shackleton goes fur-free

Shackleton is proud to be a fur-free brand. The hood ruffs on the Endurance Parka, Pilot Jacket and FH-4 Photographer’s Parka are synthetic; the result of many years of Italian development to retain a similar efficiency and appearance to real fur.

“We have always been very mindful of the ethics of production and supply chains, particularly in relation to animal products,” says Shackleton Co-Founder Martin Brooks. "But times are changing and the performance benefits of synthetics have taken huge leaps.

"Our mission to become the world’s best performance outerwear brand cannot be at the expense of animals. Instead, we are investing time and resources into finding the most sustainable and efficient alternatives that match or exceed materials like fur in look, feel and performance."

This decision forms part of our long-term plan to embrace more sustainable initiatives. See the synthetic fur ruffs in use in our Winter 2019 Outerwear.