Louis Rudd MBE

During his career in the British Army, Captain Louis Rudd MBE has completed many tours in extreme cold weather environments, including inside the Arctic Circle.


On 28th December 2018 Louis became the first British person to cross Antarctica solo, unsupported and unassisted when he completed his epic Spirit of Endurance expedition. Trekking on average 16.5 miles per day, whilst dragging everything he required behind him in a pulk weighing a substantial 130kg at the start of the expedition. The 56 day trek was mentally draining as well as physically, as Louis went days on end without seeing another soul. Upon arrival at the Ross ice shelf, Louis also became the first person in history to cross the frozen continent twice and has walked more Antarctic miles than anyone else in human history.

Louis is also a qualified military ski instructor and Arctic warfare instructor.

[Louis] completed many tours in extreme cold weather environments, including inside the Arctic Circle...

Prior to the Spirit of Endurance expedition, in the winter of 2011/12, Louis trekked to the South Pole with the late polar explorer Henry Worsely. It was an 900-mile unsupported journey in the footsteps of Roald Amundsen which took them from the Bay of Whales to the Geographic South Pole. Louis used this experience to plan and lead an expedition in 2016/17 with SPEAR 17, a team of Army Reservists. The 67 day, 1100 mile trek took the team across the polar continent to the South Pole before going on to complete a full traverse of Antarctica, the same route that Louis would take the following year for his Spirit of Endurance expedition.

We are proud to have been official expedition partner to Louis and to have provided Shackleton clothing for his expeditions.

Spirit of Endurance Expedition 

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