How to plan an expedition in Antarctica

Earth’s final frontier – what are the lessons from the past for today’s Antarctic explorers?

Shackleton welcomes Steve Jones, Expeditions Manager of Antarctic, Logistics and Expeditions (ALE). ALE offer air transport, logistical support and guided expeditions for those venturing into Antarctica and Steve could be described as the ‘Gatekeeper to Antarctica’. In truth, he is much more than that, as well as the first port of call for those wishing to explore, he also monitors their progress and is their support throughout the expedition.

Through our involvement in two record breaking expeditions – Scott Sears in 2017 and Louis Rudd in 2018/19 – we have got to know Steve well and he’s become a good friend of Shackleton. He is in the unique position to provide us with fascinating insights across multiple expeditions and how to respond to explorers’ needs. Steve will be walking us through 100 years of Antarctic exploration, what modern explorers can still learn from the Heroic age and what are the future challenges.