Seeking two people for Antarctic adventure

Win the experience of a lifetime. Shackleton has partnered with luxury-adventure specialists Polar Latitudes to offer you and a plus one the chance to explore the most remarkable continent on earth, Antarctica

One of the many great splendours of Antarctica is that there is still so much we don’t know. There is ground that has never been walked; mountains that have never been scaled; and vistas that have never been photographed – as it has for centuries, the Frozen Continent continues to captivate explorers, adventurers and scientists the world over.

In late 2019, Shackleton partnered with Antarctic luxury-adventure specialists Polar Latitudes to create the Shackleton Legacy Jackets for their crew and clients. As the partnership enters its next phase, we are offering you and a plus one the extraordinary opportunity to be onboard Island Sky (in a window suite) when she heads for the Antarctic Circle in January 2021.


Dates: 31 January - 15 February 2021

  • Day 1: Arrival
  • Day 2: Ushuaia
  • Day 3: Embarkation
  • Day 4-5: Drake Passage
  • Day 6-7: South Shetland Islands
  • Day 8-10: Antarctic Circle
  • Day 11-13: Antarctic Peninsula
  • Day 14-15: Drake Passage
  • Day 16: Disembarkation


There is no such thing as a ‘typical day’ in Antarctica – it is a spectacularly unpredictable environment and days are therefore tailored to the conditions. Overnight the Captain will re-position the ship, so each morning you’ll wake up to a new panorama. Your day will start with breakfast onboard, then (weather allowing) you’ll clamber into Zodiacs and head to shore to walk among a rarely-visited penguin colony, or perhaps kayak through a maze of drifting ice floes.

Then, following lunch back onboard, you may visit a historic British research base or go in search of the plentiful leopard seals and whales that cruise the icy waters. Each day within this astonishing region will be different and the expert team – comprising historians, geologists, marine biologists and photographers – will be on-hand to further your experience.


Your time in Antarctica will do more than just scratch the surface, as you will have the opportunity to be part of the Polar Latitudes Citizen Science Programme. Around the world, important work is being done to better understand climate research, but given how hard it is to travel to and operate in Antarctica, gathering on-site data on a regular basis is incredibly difficult and timely. Polar Latitudes and guest volunteers, therefore, in partnership with the likes of NASA and the Scripps Institute, help collate these samples. This offers you a first-hand look at how climate change is impacting birds, sea life, glaciers, oceans and weather patterns, while facilitating a better understanding of our evolving planet.

Trip value: approx. £30,000 (return economy flights will be included) // For more detail on the day-to-day itinerary, see Crossing the Circle.



All entrants must read the Competition Terms & Conditions and the Polar Latitudes Terms & Conditions.