The Best Jacket Out There

By endurance we conquered: our signature parka beats the world’s biggest names to win ‘Best Winter Jacket 2020’.

We developed the Endurance Parka with one simple objective: to be the definitive jacket in its class; functional, impressively light, comfortable and versatile. Now in its fourth generation – first produced in 2016 – we have long believed is it exactly that. The Endurance has become synonymous with our brand and polar exploration.

We're delighted to say that others are recognising its true capability, as the British-made Endurance has been named 'Best Winter Jacket' by T3 magazine, conquering the best efforts from more than 15 of the world's biggest brands, including Canada Goose, Ariat, The North Face and Patagonia. It goes to show that it's possible for a young business to develop a world-beating product if the focus is on quality of materials, proven design and performance rating.


"Over the past year, we have tested a raft of winter jackets, and it was incredibly difficult choosing a shortlist for the T3 Awards 2020, let alone an overall winner. But in the end, for us, one jacket consistently stood out from the pack: the Shackleton Endurance Down Parka. This is one of the most comfortable, lightweight and stylish winter jackets we’ve worn, and it’ll be a favourite for a long time to come. 

"Shackleton's 2019/2020 Endurance Parka is the latest version of the brand's flagship jacket. It's designed to objectively be called the world’s best, with a number of mighty impressive specs under its belt, and we think they've succeeded. 

It's designed to objectively be called the world’s best, and we think they've succeeded. 

"The Endurance features extreme cold survival performance, with the ability to withstand minus 30-degree temperatures. 

"What's more impressive, is that this high-performance jacket weighs just 1kg (that's half the weight of a certain Canadian brand's parka), and can pack down to 2-litres, making it an ideal companion on an expedition to the Arctic, as well as on a European city break, where packing light is essential."


The Endurance is handmade in Manchester, UK, and is filled with the purest goose down on earth. The quality of this goose down - the soft layer of fine feather that grows between a bird’s skin and exterior feathers - is the single greatest insulation material on the planet, with an unbeatable warmth-to-weight ratio. It is arguably what sets the Endurance apart from every other parka out there.

It's been tested in Antarctica and is trusted by explorers and adventurers worldwide. It has fleece-lined storm pockets, four internal pockets, storm cuffs, adjustable hood and a detachable synthetic fur ruff. 

Each year we work with renowned explorers to make small tweaks where necessary – every element of the parka is there to serve a purpose. Every detail and function has been considered and engineered to make operating in cold weather easier. This includes freedom of movement when on the move, improved blood circulation when hands are in the pockets, and chunky zips and poppers that can be used when wearing large gloves.

But don’t just take our word for it…


"Among the heavyweights of cold-weather clothing, Shackleton is almost certainly a new name on you, but if you’re after a parka that can withstand truly bitter temperatures but doesn’t use coyote fur (as Canada Goose still does), or if you just prefer not to follow the herd, it’s a brand worthy of investigation. Responsibly made and field tested in the Arctic and Antarctic, this winter parka is one of the warmest we've tried on." - Robb Report 

"Don’t expect this thing to crack a smile – it’s serious. Expedition-grade serious. Field-tested-in-Antarctica-and-the-Arctic serious. Performs-at-30-below-zero serious. The ultra-light yet ultra-warm flagship Endurance Parka is handmade in the UK and packs down into a tiny little bag when not in use, whether that’s after reaching a Pole at the ends of the Earth or at your desk following a particularly frosty commute." - Coach 

"Warmth isn't the only thing on offer here. The jacket oozes the sort of quality you'd expect from such a premium-priced garment, with everything feeling well designed and manufactured to a high standard." - Adventure Travel Magazine