The Caird arrives at our new London store

2020 has been a year of challenges. This weekend we faced one of a new sort: to fit J. Caird - a perfect replica of the 23ft lifeboat that Ernest Shackleton used to escape Antarctica in 1916 - into our new store at 11 King’s Road, London.

Traffic was temporarily halted on the King’s Road in central London this weekend as J. Caird was craned, pushed and dragged into our new store. The 23ft vessel is the centrepiece of our new pop-up store; a homage to what is widely-regarded as the greatest survival story of all time, when Shackleton and five others made the 800-mile open boat journey from Elephant Island to South Georgia during the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Our in-store Caird is a like-for-like, and itself made the original’s famous journey across the Southern Ocean in 2015.

“It took a lot of wrangling with Kensington and Chelsea Council as you’d imagine,” said co-founder Martin Brooks, “but finally we managed to get a permit to lift her in at 8am on Sunday morning. We had to close the road for a short while, as well as take all the glass off the front of the store, but after two hours she was in. It was a bit against the odds. Aptly, Ernest Shackleton’s wonderful quote is featured on the store window: ‘Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all’.”

The Shackleton King’s Road Store is now open. Full details HERE.