The Shackleton Legacy Jacket, designed to stand up to the elements of Antarctica. A collaboration between Shackleton and luxury-adventure specialists Polar Latitudes.

There are heavy demands to be met for working in Antarctica; an unforgiving and unpredictable region that has mesmerised explorers for centuries. Few know this better than Polar Latitudes, who work with naturalists, scientists and expert guides to provide unrivalled polar experiences. The clients and crew travel via zodiacs to get close to wildlife and onto shore, battling wind, rain and waves; and then scramble over rocks and ice on land to explore the best of this faraway region. Expedition-grade apparel is an absolute must.

In this vein, Shackleton partnered with Polar Latitudes to create the ultimate expedition jackets for their crew and clients. Working together, we designed the Shackleton Legacy, a waterproof jacket with an ergonomic design and numerous bespoke features, built to withstand the most testing conditions. As it was over a century ago, the Shackleton name continues to be an intrinsic part of Antarctic exploration.