Caird Cashmere Sweater

Knitted from 97% recycled cashmere and 3% merino yarn, the Caird Sweater is a soft yet rugged crew-neck favourite. Performance details include reinforced elbow patches and feature ribbing on the hem and sleeves. Fully breathable and designed to be worn over a tee or collared shirt, the Caird offers a wide range of comfort for autumn-winter-spring use. Read More
Colour: Navy

Key Specifications:

  • 97% GRS certified recycled cashmere, 3% Ultrafine merino wool
  • Superbly comfortable and warm
  • Rugged and durable


The Caird is a superbly comfortable 5-gauge mid-weight crew-neck sweater which offers serious warmth. The 97% recycled cashmere is spun with a hard-wearing merino yarn to bring structure and strength. The quality of cashmere fibres selected and the knit pattern employed maximise the durability of the Caird sweater, ensuring minimal pilling and good longevity. Irish Moss stitch elbow patches and ribbing details on the hem and sleeves add to the Caird’s add heritage style while also being hardwearing.

GRS-certified (Global Recycle Standard) recycled cashmere has been selected as a more sustainable option than virgin cashmere as overgrazing by cashmere goat herds (capra hircus) is causing soil erosion and degradation to certain parts of the Mongolian and Chinese grasslands they inhabit. Through the use of the highest quality post-consumer recycled yarn the Caird plays its part in reducing the farming's impact on this area.

The front hem carries the Shackleton nine-pointed star with ‘By Endurance we Conquer’ on the inside edge, in homage to Ernest Shackleton’s lifeboat, James Caird on which the Boss staged his daring escape from Antarctica in 1916.

Attention to Detail:


Care Instructions:

Hand wash or hand wash machine setting suitable
Do not bleach
Dry on flat surface
Iron low temperature
Suitable for dry cleaning