Pulk Ice Trails

Company (Log #44)

Day 45 in Antarctica. Lou wakes from a deep sleep and gets going a little behind schedule. After an hour he encounters a group of tents and vehicle...

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Shackleton Flag On Ice

Pink Floyd Day (Log #43)

Day 44 in Antarctica. A great day for Lou with no cloud, the wind behind him and brilliant visibility. He tears through 18.3 nautical miles (record...

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North (Log #42)

North (Log #42)

Day 43 in Antarctica. Lou skis into a day of good weather - sun is ringed by the halo of another parhelion and wisps of cloud shaped like a crucifi...

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Kettle Lou Rudd

20-Day Plan (Log #41)

Day 42 in Antarctica. Lou has a hard day after the high of reaching the Pole. A cold injury on his lips makes eating and drinking difficult. Over t...

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Lou Rudd South Pole

The South Pole (Log #40)

Day 41 in Antarctica. After a 4am wake-up Lou's on his way to the South Pole, ploughing through total whiteout conditions. He skis 11 miles, search...

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Shackleton Pulk And Skis

The Trudge (Log #39)

Day 40 in Antarctica. Lou has now gone through 40 days of food. It's a tough start. Full-on whiteout. Heavy snowfall. Lou is forced to trudge throu...

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Sastrugi Sun

Reflection (Log #38)

Day 39 in Antarctica. A hard day. Whiteout conditions, snowfall and strong winds that hurl out whipping spindrift. Lou digs in to 11 hours of compa...

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Sastrugi Ski Poles

Civilisation (Log #37)

Day 38 in Antarctica. Last night Lou heard one of ALE's aircrafts rumbling as it passed overhead - his first taste of civilisation in a long while....

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Antarctica Clock

Clock-watching (Log #36)

Day 37 in Antarctica. Another clear weather day with good visibility and light winds. Lou has a hard day with 11 hours of monotonous clock-watching...

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Ski Gloves Antarctica

Flat Run (Log #35)

Day 36 in Antarctica. A good day. Lou moves on across a hard, flat surface through light winds and great visibility. It's a flat run all day and Lo...

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Lou Rudd Boots

9,000 Feet (Log #34)

Day 35 in Antarctica. Lou is now only a few days from the South Pole, but it's a tough day today. He was expecting firm surface up at 9,000ft on th...

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Spirit of Endurance Sticker

Endurance (Log #33)

Day 34 in Antarctica. That's 34 days without rest and still Lou is pushing on. Today was a routine day. Clear weather, less sastrugi and good visi...

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Sastrugi Antarctica

Plateau (Log #32)

Day 33 in Antarctica. Great progress today, Lou crosses 88 degrees South and is now two degrees from the South Pole. He's feeling leaner now and hi...

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