Thiels Corner Antarctica

Thiels Corner (Log #17)

Day 18 in Antarctica. After a few difficulties in communication we're back with Lou. It's another day of tough whiteout conditions. Zero visibility...

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Lou Rudd Walkie Talkies

Windy Night (Log #16)

Day 16 in Antarctica. The Polar banshees are howling all night and Lou is forced to wake every hour and check the tent poles. Then the morning wind...

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The Big Guns (Log #15)

Day 15 in Antarctica. Brutal headwinds drive temperatures down to around -30C as strong gusts tumble down from the Polar plateau. Lou pulls out the...

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Lou Rudd Visor

Tale of Two Halves (Log #14)

Day 14 in Antarctica. It's a hard morning as Lou feels the weight of the last two weeks without rest. After lunch his mood upturns and Lou strides ...

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Pulk Trail Antarctica

Blindfolded (Log #12)

L O U ' S   D I A R Y   Day 12 in Antarctica. Whiteout conditions leave Lou in two minds about whether to wait it out or push on. He opts to carry...

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Pulk In Sastrugi

Heavy Going (Log #11)

Day 11 in Antarctica. Lou spends ten hours in frozen fisticuffs with some brutal sastrugi. He also describes another chance encounter with some Sta...

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Lou Rudd Antarctic Close-up

The Hamster (Log #10)

After a break in communication we're now back with Lou as he hits double digits for days spent on the ice. It was a day of heavy sastrugi, light w...

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Remembrance Day Pulk

Remembrance Day (Log #9)

L O U ' S   D I A R Y   Day 8 in Antarctica. Lou faces his hardest day so far. Strong head-on winds pick up to around 25-30mph, whipping into spind...

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Lou Rudd Selfie On Ice

One Week In (Log #8)

L O U ' S   D I A R Y   Day 7 in Antarctica. Lou and Colin restart their separate solo journeys as near whiteout conditions descend on the glacier...

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Colin O'Brady Lou Rudd Pulk

The Race Is On (Log #7)

L O U ' S   D I A R Y   Day 6 in Antarctica. American Colin O'Brady appears on Lou's tail and a level race, backed by the 80s music in Lou's headp...

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Clear Skies Over Sastrugi

Music On Ice (Log #6)

L O U ' S   D I A R Y   The music is on and Lou is now skiing under cleared skies (at least for the morning) with temperatures hovering around -20...

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Blue Sky Antarctica

Looking Up (Log #5)

Another good day in Antarctica. Lou begins the first hard climbs and makes 11.5 nautical miles. Stiff breeze hangs around -25C. Clear sunshine and ...

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