Lou Rudd Tent Close-up

Guy Fawkes Night (Log #4)

L O U ' S   D I A R Y   Lou completed eight hours skiing today and bolted on an extra hour as he builds up his days. He achieved 11 nautical mile...

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Lou Rudd Tough Day

Tough Battle (Log #3)

Lou wakes to a day of good conditions. Temperatures waver around -20C and there's little wind and plenty of sunlight. Lou then spends the day lock...

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Shackleton Pulk

The First Day (Log #2)

L O U ' S   D I A R Y   After leaving Union Glacier and setting out from Messner, Lou completes his first day in the frost-flaked fingers of the...

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Shackleton Lou Rudd Union Glacier

Arrival (Log #1)

1. Lou lands in Punta Arenas 2. Riding the Ilyushin to Union Glacier 3. Arrival at Union Glacier 4. Lou's Diary     1 .  L O U   L A N D S   I N ...

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