Lou Rudd's Ice Tusks

Ice Tusks (Log #31)

Day 32 in Antarctica. Lou wakes up to relatively good weather with a strong and steady wind and wind chill dropping to around -30C by the day's end...

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Lou Rudd Close-up Visor

The Bird (Log #29)

Day 30 in Antarctica. It's a clean sock day as Lou pushes on up towards the Polar plateau. He meets patches of sastrugi but also finds himself zipp...

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Cloud Cover Antarctica

Weather Warning (Log #26)

Day 27 in Antarctica. Lou wakes up to a weather warning from ALE - a big weather front is coming in. He pushes on through howling winds and zero vi...

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Shackleton Pulk Sticker

A Good Day (Log #25)

Day 26 in Antarctica. A good day all round. Clear visibility, an unconcealed sun and light headwind. Over the course of 11 hours Lou makes good pro...

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Pulk Ice Trail

Headwind (Log #24)

Day 25 in Antarctica. It's day of strong winds and low temperatures. A strong headwind hits and passes. It blows around 30-40mph for a couple of ho...

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Pulk On Ice Antarctica

A Day For Music (Log #23)

Day 24 in Antarctica. A day of poor visibility and monotony. Whiteout conditions return and the horizon empties. Lou spends his day with his compas...

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Clear Skies Antarctica

A Friend Overhead (Log #22)

Day 23 in Antarctica. A day of good, stable weather, light winds and great visibility. Around lunch Lou looks up and spots ALE's Basier plane passi...

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Pulk Snowy Camp

The Long Climb (Log #21)

Day 22 in Antarctica. After a night in his wind-hammered tent Lou steps out expecting raging katabatic winds. The hammering has eased off in the mo...

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Pulk In Sastrugi

The Charge (Log #20)

Day 21 in Antarctica. Three weeks into the journey, Lou charges on between pockets of soft snow, trudging hard up to higher ground on firm sastrugi...

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GPS Lou Rudd

Trust In The GPS (Log #19)

Day 20 in Antarctica. Tough conditions after heavy snowfall. Mild temperatures hover around -10. The fully loaded pulk becomes lodged in snow after...

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Tent Shelter Antarctica

Snow Wading (Log #18)

Day 19 in Antarctica. A challenging day wading through deep and soft snow. Lou stays positive, reminding himself that the sastrugi has mostly fill...

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